Optimizing Tech Support

Help Customers Reduce Resolution Time

Encourage your customers who have not yet moved to Web Portal Case Entry as the primary form of opening cases that they can reduce the time to resolve cases and see an increase in the CSAT on case handling into the 90+% range by moving to this method. For those who have made this transition they have also experienced a reduction in TS Rep time per case.

This change in case submission directs customer to Web Portal Case entry on initial contact from phone, chat, email as the Preferred Option. Subsequent Cases are then entered directly into the Web Portal by the customer.

This change will require an investment in making process changes in your TS organization and making the appropriate changes to your Case Handling system by IT. The necessary analysis of the steps to make the change will need to be made in order to gain Management commitment and funding for the project. Reach out to companies who have made the change for their assistance in communicating the value of the change.

The following is a detailed example of the information needed from a customer who made the change:

  • Case Detail - Product Family, Product Name, Version, Additional Detail
  • Case information – Case Number, Subject, Type of Issue, Status (new, existing…)
  • Priority, Customer Serial Number, Language
  • Contact Name, email, phone number
  • Additional information includes Comments (from list of subjects}
    • File(s), Products in configuration, Production or Test
    • Environment Information – OS, Release Level, DB, etc
    • Problem Reproduction steps, KB Articles Reviewed, Error Logs specific to Product
  • System validates key information as it is entered by customer
  • Product in Support Period, Maintenance is current
  • For Multiple Products - Release Levels are supported

This provides the needed information for the TS Rep to immediately focus on diagnosing a solution, substantially reducing the time spent resolving the issue. The customer who implemented this approach saw a sharp increase in first contact resolution, and overall drop in TS Rep time per case.

This approach has been implemented by a wide range of existing customers successfully who can assist you through the process.

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Jim Hendrickson.